Be a Visionary

Join Honolulu Biennial Foundation’s community of “glocal” (global + local) corporate and public partners in creating a biennial that exemplifies HBF’s central pillars: education, cultural diplomacy and the exhibition of groundbreaking and timely contemporary art. These three goals directly benefit the local community, while also creating experiences for visitors to meaningfully engage with Hawaiʻi’s history and culture.

Below are examples of how your organization can engage with HB2017’s audience composed of local and international art enthusiasts, tastemakers, students and artists.



Cultural Diplomacy

Honolulu Biennial will feature the works of leading international contemporary artists alongside local talent fostering cultural exchange and collaboration. By showcasing local contemporary visual artists with world-renowned international artists, Honolulu Biennial will help share with an audience of international, national and local visitors Hawaiʻi’s contemporary visual artists. HBF will fly in participating artists to Honolulu in order to host events such as artist panels, artists mixers and workshops for children to ensure that these artists can share their practices with a diverse public, while also creating opportunities for these artists to exchange ideas with one another and ideally incorporate what they learn in Hawaiʻi into their artistic practices.



HBF has offered a variety of free or low-cost workshops, panels, lectures and exhibitions for all ages. HBF will continue to offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) workshops for children and young adults centered around the theme of environmental and cultural sustainability. Throughout 2016, HBF will host workshops for young adults to either actively participate in the art making process of new artworks debuting in the biennial, working closely with renowned local, national and international artists. Throughout the eight-week Honolulu Biennial in 2017, there will be a variety of tours, workshops for children, panel discussions, receptions, performances and film screenings.


Groundbreaking and Timely Contemporary Art

Central to the HB2017’s curatorial theme are islands as a microcosm for the human experience and more directly, as a way in which to reflect on some of the most pertinent contemporary issues of our time related to navigating towards a sustainable future ecologically, culturally, and socially. Local, national and international artists alike will be creating works that are in direct response to this theme. The majority of participating artists will create new commissions that will engage with Hawaiʻi’s history, landscape, ecological issues, and culture. Underscoring HBF’s commitment to sustainability, participating artists will be encouraged to use recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible in their artworks. Works featured in HB2017 will present compelling commentary and room for reflection on conservation, sustainability and issues related to the environment, ranging from overfishing in the Pacific, coral bleaching, the ecological damage of rising temperatures and rise of the eco-climate refugee from nations in the Pacific who are faced with rising sea levels.


To discuss HBF's corporate sponsorship LEVELS, please contact our Development Director, Katherine Ann Leilani