why a biennial for honolulu?

Through the celebration of contemporary art in the regions of focus, Honolulu Biennial engages with the rich cultural diversity of Hawai’i, fostering greater intercultural exchange and understanding through art. Honolulu Biennial will present international contemporary artists alongside local artists, emphasizing Hawaii’s notable, but under-recognized artistic contributions on a global platform. In addition, Honolulu Biennial will highlight Honolulu as a fresh destination for international and national arts and cultural visitors, fostering a cultural awakening and repositioning of Honolulu as central to the Pacific-wide growth of arts, technology, and commerce.

HBF Objectives

HBF aims to:

  • Showcase noteworthy contemporary art from abroad, as well as from the local Hawaiian creative community, enriching Hawaii’s cultural fabric through the Honolulu Biennial;
  • Serve on an ongoing basis Hawaii’s youth by providing educational programs that link art, technology and science (STEAM programs);
  • Reposition Honolulu as the leading epicenter for contemporary art and culture in the Pacific;
  • Positively impact the economy by welcoming an influx arts and cultural tourists to this new, signature art event;
  •  Promote collaboration between various local artists and groups through HBF’s ‘Umeke | Umbrella program and the HBF Selects program;
  • Offer throughout the year ongoing public programs, exhibits and professional development opportunities for the local community.