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Sewing Circle by Art Explorium

  • Art Explorium 1142 Koko Head Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816 (map)


A sewing/needle-felting circle inspired by Biennial artist, Marie Watt.

Each participant will choose a word that holds meaning for them and use both simple sewing and needle felting techniques to bring that word into being. From Marie: “…I am struck by the quality of conversation and storytelling that occurs when eyes are diverted and hands are busy at work. I am interested in how each person’s stitch is unique and signature-like. Threads come together to form a web, also a metaphor for community. I like to compare the Sewing Circle to a barn raising. In an age where so much of our lives are mediated by technology, there is something to be said for gathering in such an ordinary and neighborly way.” Instructor Wendy Ikeda is an Art Explorium staff member and local fiber artist.

Pre-registration required.

$10 per child (Age 8 and up, age 7 OK with participating parent)

Register at

Please call the studio at 808-312-4316 to be added to the waitlist if class is already full.