Executive Director and Co-Founder, Katherine Tuider & HB19 Curator, Nina Tonga speaking on Honolulu Biennial and it's importance.
TAUPŌURI TANGARŌ, Moananuiākea Native Lives and works in Hawai'i Punapuna Pā 'ū (Jointed Ritual Skirt), 2018. 'Aha (coir). Dimensions variable. Hīna 'i Puhi ...
MAIKA'I TUBBS, Kanaka Maoli Lives and works in the United States Toy Stories, 2019. Plastic, found materials. Dimensions variable. Made possible by the generous support of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation and Engaging the Senses Foundation. This installation teeters on the philosophical divide between trash and treasure.
DB AMORIN (Azores, Sāmoa) Born in Hawai'i, lives and works in the United States. A static- favored shape ("grazed my neck w/ a burnt piece of land in liliha"), 2019. Ceramic, activated charcoal, glass, near-infrared lamps, digital projection. 144 × 108 in.
BERNICE AKAMINE (Kanaka Maoli) lives and works in Hawai'i. Ku 'u One Hānau was created in 1999 to call attention to the rising rates of houselessness among Native Hawaiians in their own homeland. The title, Ku 'u One Hānau (Sands of My Birth in 'Ōlelo Hawai'i), underscores the significance of birthplace and relationship to land, which are foundational to a Kānaka Maoli worldview.
HB19 artist Leland Miyano Okinawa Lives and works in Hawaiʻi Huakaʻi / A Wake, 2019 Invasive botanical and found materials, canoe plants 50 × 20 × 25 ft. . Huakaʻi / A Wake explores themes of sustainability, voyaging, and our reciprocal relationship with the island environment.
HB19 Artist Marie Watt (Seneca) Lives and works in USA . Marie Watt's textile installations are a repository of personal and collective memory. Companion Species was created through 'sewing circles' held in January 2019 in Honolulu and .
Rosanna SaVAge Raymond K'Lub (Sāmoa, Tuvalu, Palagi); Lives and works in Aotearoa Founded in 2010 by Rosanna Raymond, The SaVAge K'lub is a multidisciplinary platform that takes its name and inspiration from the gentlemen club of the same name founded in London in 1857.
Cory Kamehanaokalā Holt Taum (Kanaka Maoli/Hawai'i) is an artist, muralist, cultural practitioner, and the youngest participating artist in the 2019 Honolulu Biennial. Influenced by the bold, powerful forms and patterns of his ancestors and the legacies of the Hawaiian Renaissance and major land struggle movements of the 1970s, Taum's practice is one of resistance.
Honolulu Biennial 2019 participating artist Imaikalani Kalahele's poetry is a central thread that is woven throughout the Biennial including the poem Manifesto that he recites in this video and the inspiration for the title of HB19, "To Make Wrong/ Right / Now." . .

HB19 Artist: Bernice Akamine

Originally from Oahu, Chenta Laury is a Maui-based artist who has lived and studied visual art in the Midwest and on both coasts. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Boston, Sacramento and Honolulu, and her work is held in numerous private collections.
In collaboration with KADIST in San Francisco, Honolulu Biennial Foundation presented a pop-up exhibition and talk story with Bernice Akamine and Abraham Cruzvillegas, participating artists of the Honolulu Biennial 2019. Moderated by Scott Lawrimore, Co-Curator of HB19, the dialogue will center on the Biennial's installation of iterative sculptural works in public spaces by Akamine and Cruzvillegas.